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Hertime 9

Dietary Supplement Product
  • Hertime 9

    Let's start your brightest days, even it is that period of the month. wellbacta Hertime 9 is a wellness solution, truly formulated with care and understanding for all active women who want to achieve the best for themselves and their love ones. Only highly acknowledged ingredients with distinctive potential benefits are selected.
    Recomended dosage: 1 capsule daily


    Suntheanine® Pure form of L-theanine from Japan
    Dermaval® 9 Plant-based superfoods extract
    Bacillus coagulans BC208
    Lactobacillus reuteri
    Lactobacillus acidophilus
    Sunfiber® prebiotics from Japan
    Cranberry extract
    Evening primrose oil powder
    Vitamin E


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ABOUT wellbacta

Our Purpose

We elevate human wellbeing by empowering people to perform at their best.

Our Vision

A world where all live wellbeing lives, empowered by our innovative wellness to wellbeing solutions.

Our Mission

We develop and provide innovative and proactive wellness solutions to support, protect, and enhance physical and mental health, for all to perform their best and achieve wellbeing lives.


Zun Satipaj

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Gift Petchprapa

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

Great Weeravit

Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer

Kaew Wanpassorn

Chief Product Development and Production Officer

O Jittirat

Chief Experience and Sustainable Development Officer


Where are wellbacta products produced and are they fulfilled with international standards?
wellbacta products are produced in Thailand under international standards of GMP and ISO 9001:2015
Where are wellbacta products ingredients produced and sourced?
From many continents around the globe. Our team seeks for the best possible quality of each ingredient to be used in our formulas. For examples, Japan, Korea, USA, and more.
Are wellbacta products approved by FDA?
Yes, they are. wellbacta Hertime 9 FDA registration number is
12-1-06656- 5-0113.
Who cannot consume wellbacta products?
We do not recommend people who are (1) Pregnant (2) Under 15 years old (3) With chronic diseases and/or taking multiple medications to consume any dietary supplement product.
Are they available outside of Thailand?
They will be! Let us know where do you want them to be via